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All Ages & abilities welcome*

*Must be able to swim at least 25m on your own


Elevation Athletics

Where Your Physical, Mental & Emotional Health

Are of Utmost Importance...and trained to be improved EVERYDAY.



At Elevation Athletics,

we're on a mission to improve the competitive swimming experience

for everyone!

Here's what people are saying about Elevation Athletics...



our philosophy

Everyone has a place at Elevation Athletics!

At EA, we're a family with a simple philosophy...

Your goals are our goals, swimming should be fun, and life balance is an important part of the process.


In an effort to help you achieve your goals...


We teach, we collaborate, and we work with you every step of the way.


Our process includes:

  • A holistic training model  that proactively trains all the necessary physical, mental & emotional skills every athlete needs; and

  • A collaborative coaching model where we work side by side with the athletes, helping them learn to create ownership and personal accountability for their own success.

Our model is for individuals who have a desire to learn and do what it takes to become their best in sport and life. 




At Elevation Athletics, we understand that training is more than just laps in a pool, dryland and weights.  It's about training the entire person:  mind, body and life skills.

  • Swim Training & Technique Work

  • Team Strength - dryland/weights for Olympic Sport Athletes

  • Performance Psychology & Flow Training

  • Sports Nutrition

  • Recovery Training

  • Power Training 

  • Leadership Development

  • Life Skills Development

  • College Recruiting Coaching/Mentoring

  • And much more...

What separates EA from the rest, is we train each area individually and coach athletes on how to connect everything to achieve their goals faster and far more efficiently.




Amber Austin


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Eric Stefanski


20180829-Elevation AthleticsDSC_0230-Edi

Connor Corrigan


Graham Williams



Grant Holicky


20180829-Elevation AthleticsDSC_0306-Edi

Stacey Tobey

Masters Team Coach

Kiana Junior





At Elevation Athletics, you have options to help you reach your goals!

All inclusive & ala cart options:


  • All-Inclusive - one monthly fee - same every month (Most popular!)

    • All pool workouts​

    • All Strength Training sessions

    • All holistic training

    • Weekly collaborative coach meetings

    • Meet Fees

    • National Team, Regional Team, 10 & Under & College Teams

  • Ala-Cart, part time options - purchase what you use 

    • Splash, High School, Little Squirts & Master's Team

The only extra fees each year are:

  • USA Swimming Registration Fee

  • Team Travel Expenses

  • Team Apparel Package for the new year



All Inclusive Groups:  $250

  • All equipment is required for training...

    • Team Sweats (first year)

    • Team T-Shirts (all year)

    • Swim Caps (all year)

    • Team Backpack

    • Team Practice Suit

    • DMC Fins

    • Sponge

    • Kick Stick

    • Mesh Equipment Bag (numbered)

    • 1st Year USA Swimming Registration​

Ala Cart Groups:  $100

  • You can purchase the $250 package if you'd like

  • Covers:

    • USA Swimming Membership/Ins. (1st year)​

    • One (1) team T-Shirt

    • Two (2) team swim caps

  • If you'd like to purchase additional equipment, you can at any time at


**Master's Group - no initial membership fees

Training Locations

Elks Lodge Pool (Boulder, CO) - All Year
Scott Carpenter Pool (Boulder, CO) - Summer
East Boulder Rec. Center (Boulder, CO) - All Year
Veterans Memorials Aquatic Center (Thornton, CO) - Periodically All Year
Superior North Pool (Superior, CO) - Spring & Fall
South Boulder Rec. Center (Boulder, CO) - Fall, Winter, Spring
Team Strength by Elevation Athletics (Boulder, CO) - All Year


national team

  • For Athletes 15 & Older

  • All Abilities & Experience Levels Welcome

  • Attend up to eight (8) practices per week

  • Team Strength Included  with 2-3 dryland/weight workouts per week

  • All Holistic Training Included

  • Weekly Coaching meetings to support your goals

  • College Recruiting Coaching

  • Meet Fees Included

  • All inclusive pricing: $400/mo.

  • 10% off for each additional sibling

  • 5% off if prepaid in full (season or yearly)

  • Our most popular high school & older option!

regional team

  • For Athletes 11 - 14 years old

  • All Abilities & Experience Levels Welcome

  • Attend up to six (6) practices per week

  • Team Strength Included  with 2-3 dryland/weight workouts per week

  • All Holistic Training Included

  • Weekly Coaching meetings to support your goals

  • Meet Fees Included

  • All inclusive pricing: $350/mo.

  • 10% off for each additional sibling

  • 5% off if prepaid in full (season or yearly)

  • Our most popular age group option!


10 & Younger team

  • For kids 10 & Younger

  • Must be able to swim 25 yards safely on your own

  • Attend up to three (3) practices per week

  • Team Strength Included  with one (1) session per week

    • Focused on coordination, play and working with others​

  • All Holistic Training Included

  • Meet Fees Included

  • All inclusive pricing: $250/mo.

  • 10% off for each additional sibling

  • 5% off if prepaid in full (season or yearly)

  • Our most popular youth option!




  • For Athletes Age Six & Older

  • Must be able to swim 25 yards safely

  • Swim UP TO three (3) times per week

  • Attend any Splash designated practice

  • $200/mo. for swimming

  • Extra Cost for:

    • Team Strength - $50/mo.​

    • Meet Fees - Varies per meet

  • You'll be USA Swimming Registered

  • Swim in Meets if you Like

  • Monthly Payment

  • Full Access to ALL EA's online holistic online training tools


12 & Younger Pre-Team

  • This group is for swimmers who are between learn to swim lessons and swim team - Generally 8 yo. & younger.

  • Learn technique for all four competitive strokes

  • Learn starts & turns

  • Have FUN learning how to get ready for swim team!

  • Swim up to three (3) times per week.

  • $150/month

  • Add'l 10% off per sibling 

  • Auto-Billed Monthly (Go as long as you like!)



  • Specifically for High School Swimmers

  • Swim/Train with other high school focused swimmers

  • Technique, Conditioning & Fun with high school teammates

  • Available throughout the entire year

  • Swim/Train up to three (3) times per week

  • Extra Costs:

    • Team Strength - dryland & weights 2-3 times/week - $50/mo.​

    • Meet Fees - varies by meet

  • You'll be USA Swimming Registered

  • Swim in Meets if you Like - not required

  • Auto Monthly Payment

  • Full Access to ALL EA's online holistic training tools

  • Build Your High School team in the off season!


Great for When You Come Home or For a Mini-Training Camp at Altitude

  • Everything you're looking for in training while you're home!

  • Collegiate level training & coaching

  • Train with some of the fastest swimmers in Colorado

  • Includes Team Strength - dryland & weights

  • Meet fees extra - varies by meet

  • $200/mo.

  • Multiple Practice Times & locations to fit your schedule

  • Both long course & short course options

  • Travel with us to Sectionals, Jr. Nationals & Nationals!

Masters/Triathlete/Adult Swim

High Quality Coaching for Adults of All Ages & Abilities

  • This program is for Adults 20 & Older

  • We welcome:

    • U.S. Masters​

    • Triathletes

    • Adults looking to get or stay in shape

  • All workouts are coached in person by one of our coaches:

    • Stacey Tobey​

    • ​Carole Sharpless​

    • Kristen Toll

    • Kiana Junior

  • Summer Schedule:

    • Tues, Thurs. & Fri. - Scott Carpenter 6:00 - 7:15 a.m.

    • Mon., Wed. & Fri. - East Boulder Rec. Center 12:00 - 1:00 p.m.

    • Sat. - Elks Lodge Boulder  - 9:30 - 10:30 a.m.

    • Sun. - Elks Lodge Boulder - 9:15 - 10:30 a.m.

EA Swimmers Are Headed To:


EA Partner's & Sponsors

Frequently asked questions

What makes Elevation Athletics so different than any other swim team in the state of Colorado?

There are two major differences between EA and other teams. First, we offer pro-active training in ALL the necessary areas an athlete needs to become their best in both sport and life. These include performance psychology, sports nutrition, quality workouts based in technique, coaches who understand the physiology of training, recovery, technology, and personal development - all wrapped in a fun team atmosphere. Second, we offer one price for your membership per month. No extra charges for the traditional fees associated with swimming (meet fees, facility charges, weights, dryland, suits, caps, etc.). One price per month. Period.

Do you really charge just one fee per month with no extra costs?

Yes....and just about everything is covered. Our goal is for everything to eventually be covered. We've structured our program to work as a team, not as separate individuals joining a team. So, we're able to leverage our group together to reduce costs. We have also created partnerships with companies to offer products and services at the lowest cost possible. Because of these two reasons, we're able to charge one price per month that includes everything we can offer. In addtion, as our membership grows, we will be able to offer more services and products to our members, without having to raise our prices. We are 100% transparent. There are no hidden fees or charges. The more our membership grows, the more we can offer to our members. We are working our way to having all travel fees & outside our staff programs /gear/etc. included in your monthly membership fee. We are not quite there yet, but as we grow & our sponsorships grow, we'll be able to provide those to you as well. Click Here to see what members receive as our membership grows.

How many meets can I go to every year?

In general, we go to about 12 meets every year as a team. We make sure we only attend the meets we need to go to, so you don't spend all your weekends sitting at a pool. As we progress as a team, our goal will be to attend higher caliber meets as a team regionally, nationally and internationally. Your monthly dues stay the same regardless of whether you attend one (1) meet each year or all twelve (12). So we encourage you to attend with us, so we can be a force as a team.

Can I really attend practice at any of your facilities any night of the week?

Yes. Each of our locations offer different training times to fit your busy schedule. So, if you have trouble making the early workout, you're more than welcome to attend practice at either of our other locations later in the evening Locations we utilize throughout the year: Elks Lodge Pool (Boulder, CO) - Fall, Winter, Spring Veterans Memorial Aquatic Center (Thornton, CO) - year round Superior North Pool (Superior, CO) - Fall, Winter, Spring YMCA (Arapahoe & 95th in Lafayette, CO) - Fall, Winter, Spring Mapleton YMCA (Boulder, CO) - year round Dawson School Pool (Lafayette, CO) - summer We are always expanding for more location options & currently working to build our own training center.

Who will be my coach?

Elevation Athletics has a collaborative coaching model. We believe all coaches and athletes should work together so the athlete can become their best. So, you'll get to work with all the coaches on staff throughout the week. Now, we know you'll naturally gravitate toward the coach you see most often, but we'll make sure you work with all of us! This philosophy helps the athlete to learn to take all the coaches perspectives & meld them with their own to creatively improve their skills faster.

Can I get out of paying the Initial Equipment Fee?

No - for the most part. This fee is required to pay for team apparel, training gear and group training equipment that everyone will have access to....that we'll use pretty much every day. We use specific training equipment because we've found it is the best for the type of training we do. Should you already own a pair of DMC Fins, Arena Powerfin Pro Fins or a snorkel, you may deduct these from your $225 initial membership fee. We have partnerships with Adidas, DMC Fins and Finis, so we can get you these pieces of equipement far cheaper with us, than if you bought them on your own. This fee is only for National Team and Regional Team athletes. 10 & under, Splash & Masters/Triathlete members may purchase any of our equipement at our online team store at our team discounted price. 10 & Under & Splash athletes will have to pay a reduced ($100) fee upon joining to cover USA Swimming insurance and to receive some team swag to get started (t-shirt & caps).

What time are practices?

CLICK HERE FOR OUR TEAM CALENDAR - includes practice & meet schedules. In general for the fall/winter/spring, we offer several practice locations & times each evening to fit your schedule. Our practices run after school from 4:00 - 9:00 p.m. (depending on location). We also offer morning options for our older swimmers 2-3 days per week before school, depending on the time of year. In general for the summer, we offer both long course & short course options. Our primary workout times remain in the evenings from 4:00 - 9:00 p.m., but we also have a morning option (usually) 3 days per week for those who work or have conflicts. Long course practice times are dependent on available location & available times. Usually our practices will be in the mornings/early afternoon between 7:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

What is Your Meet Schedule?

Our meet schedule is only available to our active members. In general, we go to about one (1) meet per month. The meets we attend are based on the goals of the team and the best opportunity for our athletes to achieve their personal goals now (and in the future). If you are currently an active member, click the login link at the top of our homepage to access our most up to date meet schedule.

How do I get Started?

At Elevation Athletics, we've have year-round open enrollment. Click the link above to "Join Us" and start the registration form. Use the easy-to-follow online instructions and you can get started with us the same day you register. Choose the pool & practice time that works best for you and get started!