At Elevation Athletics, we're on a mission to set a new standard for the quality of how athletes train, collaborate and live their lives.  Using a holistic model, we pro-actively and progressively train all the necessary skills and resources athletes need to succeed at their highest levels in sport and life. 

"We joined EA because of the holistic training.

We know that no matter how her day is, she comes out of practice happy and rejuvenated."


Kristi S. (Erie, CO)




At Elevation Athletics, we believe everyone should pro-actively train their mind, body and life skills to learn to become their absolute best.

So, we've created a model that encompasses three core philosophies, traditionally overlooked by most sports programs, including:

  • A holistic philosophy that provides all the necessary training and resources an individual needs:  pro-actively training mind, body and life skills;

  • A collaborative coaching philosophy,  where we work in conjunction with the athletes, helping them learn to create ownership and accountability for their own success. Moving away from the top-down "do what I say" model; and

  • A training center philosophy that provides access to all the necessary resources & services every athlete needs to learn to become their best.

Our model is currently for individuals who have a strong desire to learn and do what it takes to become their best in sport and life. 


It doesn't matter what level you are now...it matters what level you want to achieve AND your willingness to continually change yourself to get there.

The Future of Sport Training...here today!




At Elevation Athletics, we understand that training is more than just laps in a pool, dryland and weights.  It's about training the entire person:  mind, body and life skills.

Yes, we provide some of the highest quality coaching in the country when it comes to swim training and we also provide pro-active training to develop elite level skills with:

  • Performance Psychology

  • Sports Nutrition

  • Recovery Technology

  • Swimming Technology

  • Leadership Development

  • Life Skills Development

  • And much more...

Athletes can join us for a training session at any of our locations, any day of the week and receive the same high quality instruction.

We bring athletes together from all of our locations at least once a week to build a stronger team culture and promote healthy, high-level collaboration.

Athletes train with a cohesive team of athletes, coaches and support staff who will challenge them to become better in every way, every day.

Training Locations:

  • Elks Pool (Elks Lodge, Boulder, CO)

  • YMCA of Boulder Valley (Lafayette, CO)

  • Veterans Memorial Aquatic Center (Thornton, CO)

  • Superior North Pool (Superior, CO)

  • Dawson School Pool (Lafayette, CO)

  • Additional locations coming soon!




Grant Holicky


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Ferrel Atkins


Eric Stefanski


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Olivia Rock


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Amber Sullivan


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Connor Corrigan


Graham Williams



Brad White


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At Elevation Athletics, we run our program a little different than most club swimming teams.

National Team, Regional Team & 10 and Under Team Members have access to everything we can offer at each level of training.  Every month.  For one price.  Period. **

You will be billed the same price each month.  No hidden fees, no extra billing you don't understand or weren't prepared for.  We're 100% transparent.

In addition, you can help us grow as a club team and as we do, we're able to provide our members with more resources at the same price!  

**Splash & High School Team & USA Swimming Registration Exclusions Apply

We Train     To Race!




(Retail $500)

(All-Equipment is Required for Training)

What's Included:

  • DMC Fins

  • Snorkel

  • Kickboard

  • Resistance Gear

  • Group Training Equipment

  • Team T-Shirts

  • Team Sweats

  • Team Backpack

  • Team Mesh Equipment bag

This is a one-time fee due with the first month dues when you join.


All equipment is required and used in training pretty much every day.

After the first year, updated t-shirts & team sweats will be provided at no extra cost.

If you ever need to replace items not included each year, you can do so at our online (member only) team store at team discounted pricing.

**Splash & High School Teams 

$100 Initial Fee

(Covers 1st year USA Swimming Registration, Team T-Shirt, Team Swim Cap)

Groups are based on Age & Personal Commitment NOT ability or achievement


Our most advanced training group.  

Access:  All Access

Workouts: Six (6) to Nine (9) per week*

Facilities:  Train at any of our locations

Age: 15 yr. old & Older

Price: $400/month 

Siblings:  $350/month 

Pre-Paid in Full: 5% off (year & seasons)


  • Monthly

  • Full Year (September - August)

  • Winter Season (September - March)

  • Summer Season (April - August)

All- Inclusive Pricing**

*The number of workouts a member actually attends will be based on their individual needs.

*17 practices to choose from to fit your schedule each week.

**Excludes Team Travel Expenses


Pre-National Team training group.  

Access:  All Access

Workouts: Six (6) to Seven (7) per week*

Facilities:  Train at any of our locations

Age: 11-14 yr. old

Price: $350/month

Siblings:  $300/month 

Pre-Paid in Full: 5% off (year & seasons)


  • Monthly

  • Full Year (September - August)

  • Winter Season (September - March)

  • Summer Season (April - August)

All-Inclusive Pricing**

*The number of workouts a member actually attends will be based on their individual needs.

*17 practices to choose from to fit your schedule each week.

**Excludes Team Travel Expenses


Pre-Regional Team training group.

Access:  All Access

Workouts: Up to Five (5) per week*

Facilities:  Elks & YMCA Locations

Age: 6 - 10 yr. old

Price: $250/month

Siblings: $200/month

Pre-Paid in Full: 5% off 

Initial Membership fee: $100 (See what it covers)


  • Monthly

  • Full Year (September - August)

  • Winter Season (September - March)

  • Summer Season (April- August)

All Inclusive Pricing**

*The number of workouts a member actually attends will be based on their individual needs.

*Eight (8) to Ten (10) practices to choose from each week depending on time of year.

**Excludes Team Travel Expenses


For high-school & summer league swimmers who want to swim outside of those seasons.

Access:  Limited Access 

Workouts: Up to Three (3) Per Week

Facilities:  Train at any of our locations

Age: 6 - 18 yr. old

Price: $200/month

Siblings: $180/month

Initial Membership fee: $100 (See what it covers)

Duration: Auto-Billed Monthly

Covers: Membership fee covers pool/training only.  All other expenses are ala-cart & invoiced separately.

*When appropriate Splash team swimmers may train with National and/or Regional Team Training groups.

*17 practices to choose from to fit your schedule each week.



12 & Younger Pre-Team

  • This group is for swimmers who are between learn to swim lessons and swim team.

  • Learn technique for all four competitive strokes

  • Learn starts & turns

  • Have FUN learning how to get ready for swim team!

  • $150/month

  • Sibling Discount

  • Auto-Billed Monthly (Go as long as you like!)

  • Location: Mapleton Center YMCA, Boulder, CO

Practice Times:

  • Monday - Friday 6:30 - 7:30 p.m.

  • *Additional Times Available at other locations



  • Specifically for High School Swimmers

  • Swim/Train with other high school focused swimmers

  • Focused on Technique, Conditioning & Fun with high school teammates

  • Available throughout the entire year

  • Swim/Train as often as you like

  • You'll be USA Swimming Registered

  • Swim in Meets if you Like

  • Monthly or longer options available

  • Full Access to ALL EA's online holistic training tools

  • Build Your High School team in the off season!


Great for When You Come Home or For a Mini-Training Camp at Altitude

  • Everything you're looking for in a summer training program!

  • Collegiate level training & coaching

  • Surpass your summer goals

  • Train with some of the fastest swimmers in Colorado

  • We have one of the biggest group of college swimmers training together!

  • Multiple Practice Times & locations to fit your schedule

  • Both long course & short course options

  • Travel with us to Sectionals, Jr. Nationals & Nationals!

EA Swimmers Are Headed To: