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Elevation Athletics

Advertising Program

Passively Reach 240,000+ Locals!

And Support A Local Youth Sports Team That's Changing Lives at the Same time

When your business advertises with Elevation Athletics, we do all the work for you...

We create the banners, t-shirts, websites, programs, flyers...

We even go to the you don't have to!


Our reach is constantly growing...

Over 240,000+ people are waiting to learn more about your company!

We can help get your word out for less than an advertising firm....

And directly to the people who will use your products!

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  • Veterans Memorial Aquatic Center

  • Superior North Pool

  • Arapahoe YMCA

  • Mapleton YMCA

  • Longmont YMCA

  • Elks Lodge Boulder

  • 200,000+ People Will See Your Logo each year!

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  • Local Schools

  • Local YMCA's

  • Sporting Events

  • Summer League Swim Teams

  • Community Pools

  • Coffee Shops

  • Anywhere Mom's go...

  • 3000+ flyers go out each month

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  • Swimmers

  • Families

  • Given out & Sold at Events

  • 50,000+ will see your logo every year

  • We even give you t-shirts for your organization!

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Website & Online Programs

  • Over 20,000 local website hits in our first year & climbing

  • Integrating online programs to extend our reach

  • Seen by more and more every day!

  • General & Affiliate options available

Working Together

We are a community based program. 

As we continue to grow in the sport of swimming, then expand into other sports, our reach will continually grow.

We will help you get your companies message out

and at the same time,

all proceeds from your advertising will go directly into funding our team 

(equipment, travel, meet fees and program cost)

helping us continue to produce a better service to our member families.

You Advertising dollars are also tax deductible!


How Much Does it Cost to Advertise with Elevation Athletics?

Banners - (5 spots available per banner)

                 Veterans Memorial Aquatic Center (Full Year) - Seen by 150,000+ people:  $500/mo. (full year commitment required)

                 Superior North Pool (8-months) - Seen by 30,000+ people:  $400/mo. (Eight (8) month commitment required)

                 YMCA on Arapahoe & 95th (1/2 Year) - Seen by 20,000+ people:  $350/mo. (Six (6) month commitment required)

                 Dawson School (Memorial Day - Labor Day) - Seen by 10,000+ people: $250/mo. (Full time required)

                 Elks Lodge Boulder (Labor Day - Memorial Day) - Seen by 10,000+ people: $250/mo. (Full time required)

                 Additional Locations coming soon!

Flyers - (12 spots available on the back of each Flyer + 1 spot on front of each flyer)

                 Front of Flyer (Monthly) - Seen by 6,000+ people each month:   $400/month

                 Back of Flyer (Monthly) - See by 6,000+ people each month:  $300/month

                 Get Started today!  Our next batch of flyers goes out on the 1st of each month.

T-Shirts - (12 spots available on the back of each T-Shirt + 1 spot on front of each flyer)

                 Front of T-Shirt (Quarterly) - Worn by 500+ people (seen by 10,000+):   $400/month (Four (4) month commitment required)

                 Back of T-Shirt (Quarterly) - Worn by 500+ people (seen by 10,000+):  $250/month (Four (4) month commitment required)

                 **We'll also provide up to 25 T-shirts to your Company

                 Get Started today!  

Website & Online Programs - (unlimited spots available)

                 Homepage (Monthly) - Seen by 5,000+ people/month:   $200/month​ 

                 Program Pages (Monthly) - See by 5,000+ people/month:  $150/month

                 Get Started today....we'll have your logo posted on our website today!!

Package Discount - 10% off!

           Two or more options listed above for a quarter or longer (banner option requires full year)

Getting Started

It's easy to get started....


  1.  Complete the Registration Form Below & Include contact information.

  2. We'll respond to you within 24 hours.

  3. We'll help create your custom package.

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Legal Notice:  We cannot possibly guarantee that your logo/advertisements will generate income for you.  However, we will make sure your advertisement/logo is available & sent out when we promise with our current advertising & promotions we use for Elevation Athletics.  There are no refunds after the advertisement has been sent out.  There can be a refund should you request one prior to our printing of the advertising materials.  Please contact with questions.

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