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Swim Lesson Programs 


For Kids

  • Monthly Auto-Enrollment (membership style)

  • Bi-Weekly Sessions & Holiday's

  • Private & Semi-Private Lessons

  • Competitive Swim Lessons

  • Kids Levels

    • Mommy & Me

    • Level 1

    • Level 2

    • Level 3

    • Level 4

    • Level 5

    • Pre-Team

  • Ratio's

    • Mommy & Me - ​up to 8:1 (parent & child together) to 1 instructor

    • Level 1 - 2:1 swimmer to instructor

    • Level 2 - 2:1

    • Level 3 - 3:1

    • Level 4 - 4:1

    • Level 5 - 6:1

    • Pre-Team - 15:1 (swum in primary lap pool)

For Adults

  • Weekend Technique Clinics

  • Private & Semi-Private Lessons

Special Needs Lessons

  • All specials needs swim lessons are done as private 1-on-1 lessons so full attention can be given to each child. 


Monthly Auto-Enrollment

Children 6 months and older may enroll in group lessons and attend three (3), two (2) or one (1) time per week, every week each month. Children will benefit from small class sizes in our warm-water pool, learning from and socializing with their peers while being taught by experienced instructors committed to the ongoing development of their own skills. Once enrolled, swimmer spots are reserved until a family chooses to transfer to another class or submit a withdrawal form. 

The first month’s tuition is processed upon enrollment and then on the 25th of the month prior to the next month’s session thereafter. Should your family need to withdraw for any reason, please be sure to submit a withdrawal form no later than the 20th of the month prior to the next session to ensure your family is not auto enrolled and charged. Once payment is processed, tuition is non-refundable.


Lessons occurring on major holidays will be prorated before tuition is processed and notice sent to families in advance.

Make-up lessons for classes missed are not guaranteed and are available on a limited basis – please find our full make-up policy.

All lessons are $30/lesson for 30 min.

Three (3) lessons per week = $360/mo.

Two (2) lessons per week = $240/mo.

One (1) lesson per week = $120/mo.

Bi-Weekly Sessions & Holiday's

Our group lesson Bi-Weekly sessions are designed to meet the needs of our families during times where scheduling can be the most challenging or more time is available to reinforce and build their swimmer’s skills! This unique program allows families to get a full month worth of swimming lessons in just two weeks.

Enroll in two-week session | Monday - Thursday Each Week
Swimmers will attend their group lesson all four days each week with the same instructor for the two-week duration. 

Bi-Weekly & Holiday Sessions run Periodically throughout the year and during Spring Break, Thanksgiving, Winter breaks)

Enroll in the 3-4 day series attending each day of the series.

Swimmers must be re-enrolled for each session. This program does not follow auto-enrollment nor require a withdrawal form. Session tuition is processed when online registration occurs for the session.

Once processed, tuition is non-refundable and cannot be transferred from one series to another.

Due to space limitations and the purpose of this program, series are not eligible for make-up lessons.

Private & Semi-Private Lessons

Private and Semi-Private lessons are a great compliment to our group lesson program to provide more specific instruction.  We do recommend children under 12 participate in both group and private lessons or use private lessons as a way to aid in transitioning to group lessons. These lessons are especially helpful to swimmers who: experience a high level of fear/anxiety or have special needs that require 1:1 attention.

  • Pricing for private and semi-private lessons is based on instructor experience.

  • Private Lessons start at $42 per 30 minute lesson.

  • Semi-Private Lessons start at $26 per 30 minute lesson (max 2 children at one time)

  • Package pricing available.

  • Not eligible for multi-sibling or military discounts.


Private and Semi-Private Lesson Standards


To ensure we are providing ample pool space and meeting the needs of swimmers in all of our programs, private lessons must be scheduled per each instructors' private lessons schedule.  


We ask private and semi-private lessons give a minimum of 24-hour notice to their instructor(s) in the event they need to cancel to ensure the lesson can be rescheduled/made up. Less than 24-hour notice will result in a lesson being used from their package without the option to make-up said lesson.

  • 4-packs must be used within 12 weeks of purchase, including any rescheduled lessons.

  • 8 packs must be used within 16 weeks of purchase, including any rescheduled lessons.

Adult Lessons & Clinics

We offer multiple options for adults to learn how to swim, advance their swimming or prepare for a race. 


These options include private lessons, small to large group technique clinics, training clinics and in-water videotaping sessions with coach feedback.

Cost of lessons & clinics vary depending on each clinic.  Private lessons run the same rates based on individual instructor rates.


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